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The Broom Closet


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All of The Broom Closet spiritual baths are made by hour of the day, day of the week, and phase of the moon pertaining to its intention.  Each salt is made to soak for 20 minutes once a week for three consecutive weeks. Blue only uses organic materials and ethically sourced herbs and oils. We recommend using a tub strainer to prevent any herbs from clogging your drain as a precaution.

If you think a Spiritual Bath may be right for your needs, reserve a session with Blue under the "Booking" tab at the top of the page for a diagnostic reading.

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email if interested!

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All Standard candles are carved by hour of the day, day of the week, and moon phase according to their intention.  Using biodegradable glitter and organic materials, we keep your candles green! For questions on how to best burn your candle or best times to begin for each one please email

We do not encourage leaving any candles unattended, but if you must, please take necessary precautions to keep your home safe, such as leaving the glass case in several inches of water in a sink or bathtub.

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Custom made Blue June Tarot 7 day Candles:

For best results with a custom candle to include your astrological symbols, name, personalized sigils pertaining to your specific intention, you must first book a 30 minute tarot reading with Clairsentient Psychic Blue June. [BOOKING]

Custom candles are much more effective in tandem with a consultation in a 30 minute reading with Blue June so we may properly diagnose the issues, how to best approach solving any problems, and then together we will determine what type of candle should be designed.  Custom candles may take up to 4 weeks to make depending on moon phase at time of order.


Intentions for custom candles include but are not limited to:


Relationship Repair

Hex Breaking

Chakra Alignment


Cut and Clear

Cord Cutting


Custom Candle Cost: $60


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Cleaning Products:

All of The Broom Closet cleaning supplies are made by hour of the day, day of the week and phase of the moon pertaining to their intention.  All ingredients are organic, safe for use around children and pets! We aim to use reusable materials whenever possible and encourage you to recycle!


All-Purpose Wipes: Also great for one-step floorwash! Use on any surface, to cleanse the energy of your home while you clean it.  All natural antibacterial ingredients. Buy the All-Purpose Cleaner to reuse your washes wipes and refill container.


All-Purpose Cleaner: Use to refill your reusable wipes x3! Safe on all surfaces! For use when you desire to cleanse the energy of your space while you clean. All natural antibacterial ingredients.


Magic Mirror Glass Cleaner: Did you know that mirrors can be a gateway for unwanted energies?  This mirror cleaner will protect these portals. Always shake well before use, and follow with a dry cloth for streaks.

All Cleaning Products $20

If you're interested in picking up The Broom Closet's cleaning products, please email

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The Broom Closet was born from making the mundane task of cleaning, magical!  

When we create anything in our homes (anything from brewing potions & casting spells to making a meal & watering a plant) the power in our intention doubles in strength if our surroundings are in order and cleansed energetically.  Both psychologically and spiritually we are much more clear this way, so why not make this preparation a part of the rituals we perform?  


Please email with any questions regarding spiritual cleaning, cleansing or candle products.

Let's make the mundane magical - Out of the broom closet and into your home!  


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